November 21, 2021

Getting to Mullet Bay and Long Bay beach in St. Maarten

Let’s talk about some of Sint Maarten’s beautiful beaches, namely Long Bay, Mullet Bay and Simpson Bay beach.

Long Bay. Secluded, sheltered and beautiful are words that describe this particular beach.

The cove at Long Bay beach in St. Martin (French side)

Long Beach, or Baie Longue is a beach in its own league. It’s a long stretch of white sandy beach, graced with rocks on either side, keeping it interesting in view of landscapes.

This is usually not the calmest of beaches, which is great for surfers, or those of us who just enjoy being rocked by waves while we swim. Who doesn’t enjoy a little adventure now and then?

But it’s biggest attraction would be the huge mansion on its shores.

Chateau des palmiers

This mansion is called Le Chateau des Palmiers, and is owned by Donald Trump himself!

Because it’s difficult to get to via land (having to pass armed guards into a private neighborhood filled with rich people who make sure that you know you’re not allowed to take pictures inside) it’s usually quiet.

Another famed beauty is Mullet Bay. Aside from Maho, Mullet Bay is featured very often on postcards, and it’s not surprisingly so..

Mullet Bay Beach in St. Maarten (Dutch side)

A local favorite during weekends, it’s usually calm during the week.

This particular beach is a good size of white sand and of course the turquoise water that’s signature to the Caribbean.

Use the umbrellas and beach chairs for a fee, or bring a towel and watch the waves gently covering the sand as the tide rolls in.

This beach can get rough so be vigilant when you’re here! There’s also a tricky undercurrent that tends to draw you away from the shore so lounging on an inflatable should be done with alertness.

The walk into the water is smooth and gradual.

Around the rocks there are plenty of fish to see so bring your snorkeling gear!

Mullet Bay has a snack-bar that offers use of a restroom or changing room at a small fee.

Last to mention in this article: Simpson Bay Beach.

Long walks at Simpson Bay Beach in St. Maarten

Located in the remnants of a small fisherman’s village, the area is mostly residential, complete with local restaurants, small, chinese supermarkets, a church and a school!

This beach is a great place to jog as it’s really long and even. Water is usually calm, super blue and inviting in contrast to super white soft sand stretching over a mile.

Being as gorgeous as this beach is, it’s surprisingly quiet. No a lot of people frequent here, and with just a handful of water sports activities offered, it’s the best of both worlds: enough entertainment to be adventurous and do something different to laying on the beach and swimming, but also enough quiet time to enjoy the sunset and swimming without being afraid of getting run over!

There are several beach restaurants here, including Karakter, and Mary’s Boom.

Let’s talk sunsets here… this view can only be beat by a sunset cruise on the sea… sunsets at Simpson Bay beach is the most romantic thing to witness while you’re on Sint Maarten!

Take a big towel or blanket and picnic with your loved one on this beach while watching the sun sink into the watery horizon.

Really, no matter which of the 36 beaches on our beautiful island you choose to enjoy for the day, you’ll be sure to have a great time here. Each beach has its own personality and atmosphere.

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Come and enjoy everything Sint Maarten has to offer!


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