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Do you organize wedding receptions on board your boats?

Yes we do and it is really special. You can email us and we will set it up with you.

What makes your trips special?

The service level does, it is what we pride ourselves in. It is the perfect trip to take at the beginning of your vacation to see which locations you would like to go to throughout your stay. Or at the end of your trip to see the places you went during your stay.

Do the boats move a lot? Will I get sea sick?

The catamarans are very stable boats but if we see that the seas are rough, we will change the route to make the day as comfortable as we can for you. If you have a tendency to get motion sickness , it is better to take the medicine the night before than the same morning and to eat a light breakfast.

And if I don’t show up?

Then you will lose your deposit.

What about if I book through an activity desk?

The activity desks have their own policies.

If you cancel the trip, do you reimburse us the deposit?

If you have sent us a deposit and advise us in time that you won’t be able to sail, min 24 hours notice, with us we will refund you. But if on the day of the tour you don’t show, then there is no refund. If Eagle tours cancel the trip, for sure we will refund you. If you book through an activity desk, then they will tell you their policy.

Do you have the snorkeling gear on board?

Yes, we have all sizes available and we have floatation devices as well.

I have never been on a boat with my children, is it safe for them?

Yes, our crew is trained to look after you and your family, they can help you move around the boat and help you with the children. If you want, we have lifejackets for children. Parents love coming with the children of any age as they swim a lot, jump from the boat and for the smaller one the sea puts them to sleep between stops.

If I cannot swim, can I still come on the boat?

Yes, for sure, just let the captain know so the crew can take extra care of you when going on the dinghy to the shore. Please don’t be shy, we are used to it, lots and lots of guests can’t swim. I suggest you go on the farewell better than eco tour. Generally the water is calm , so you can go in the water to your waist line from the beach and relax and use a noodle.

If I cannot swim can I snorkel?

No, for safety reasons it is better not to snorkel then, but when you are on the beach you can try to use the equipment closer to the shore, you can ask one of the crew to help you, we have noodles, snorkeling vest…

What is the difference between the Eco Tour & Farewell Party?

The Round the Island Eco tour visits the French Nature reserve (Tintamarre & Creole Rock) for snorkelling  it is an exclusive tour with a Max capacity of 28 guests. The Round the Island Farewell tour visits other snorkeling locations, and Orient bay, The tour starts going South visiting La Samanna, Happy bay….or other beaches south side. ( more party max 60 guests) The 2 Tours stop at the same restaurant for lunch.

What should we bring?

Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen , some extra cash if you think you will need it, and whatever else you would take with you for a beach day. You don’t need to bring snorkelling gears we have it aboard.

Do I need to book in advance?

The sooner, the better. Our boats can only take up to so many people, and get booked out very quickly.

Is there shade on the boats?

Yes , we have lots of shade and comfortable sitting.

Do we need to bring our passports?

No, we stay in the St Martin/St Maarten territory.

What about vegans?

Yes, when making your reservation with us just be sure to let us know.

Do you have food for vegetarians?

Yes, at lunch you just have to notify the waiter that you would like a vegetarian meal. When the sandwiches are made, we always have vegetarian ones prepared, just tell the hostess to keep one on the side for you.

Do you serve snacks on board?

Yes, after the first stop, our hostess prepares freshly made French baguettes for a sandwich snack.

Do I need to pay for my drinks on board?

No, we have a full service “open” bar all day serving beer, juices, rum punch, sodas and water. On the way back as the sun goes down we toast the day with a glass of champagne.

What is a standard gratuity?

As in any service industry – 10-20% of the total cost is reasonable. It is completely at your discretion.

Do we need to bring extra cash with us?

If you think the crew on board did a good job, you can give them a gratuity. It is not an obligation, but very appreciated. If you would like a glass of wine or a cocktail at lunch there is a full bar but you would have to pay for your drinks ordered at the restaurant. And of course a nice t-shirt as a souvenir is always nice bring back home

Is lunch included?

Yes, all our trips include lunch unless specified in tour details. Make sure you read all details about each tour before booking.

How long is the trip?

The boat departs from the dock at 9 am and is back at 5pm, it is 8 hours includes 3 stops and lunch. This is for most trips but not all. Check each tour page for an accurate tour duration.

At what time do we get back?

The boats gets back to the dock at 5 pm. Depending on traffic it takes from 20 to 40 minutes to get you back to your resort.

At what time do we meet?

Depending on which resort you are staying at there are pick up times from 7:45 to 8:30.We then transfer you to our office to check in and then you get aboard one of our catamarans and we commence the journey at 9am.

What days do you go out?

On Mondays and Wednesdays, we have the Eco tour. On Tuesdays and Fridays, we have the Farewell tour Wednesdays our half day sail and Sunset tour.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept cash( dollars, euros), traveler’s cheques. For credit cards we take Visa and Mastercard, and we have a 5% credit card handling fee.

If I am late and miss my shuttle, do you pay for my taxi?

Usually we won’t pay for the taxi but we will wait for you if you let us know that you are late but are on your way.

How do we get to the boat?

The transfer to the boat is included in the tours except for the Sunset Champagne cruise. We offer a roundtrip bus transfer from your hotel. It saves a lot of time if everyone just comes with our buses. However, if you do want to drive, we are located at Bobby's Marina in Philipsburg. Our office is located right before the Aziana restaurant and parking is $1 an hour at the marina. If you are coming from the cruise ship pier, we are approximately 10 to 12 minutes within walking distance. We have provided our google map link for better directions

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