November 21, 2021

Snorkeling at Creole Rock in St. Martin

Creole Rock is a small island that is located within the limits of the Marine Park and is environmentally protected.

Snorkeling tour at Creole Rock

It’s recognizable by its peculiar shape: said to resemble the head of an Amerindian male laying face up, the few remaining parts of his body slightly visible above the waves trailing away to the east.

It’s only possible for boats to enter this area as long as they use the moorings that have been made available.

By using long sand screws, these moorings are reserved especially for boats from dive clubs, pleasure boats, dinghies and other small sailboats.

Motor engines need to shut off here within 30 meters off the shore.

Because of its shallow water, it’s a perfect diving spot for both beginning divers as well as the advanced adventures.  Snorkeling is also a delight here, no need to go down deep to see the abundance of sea life!

Because it is so well protected, many brown pelicans and boobies make their nests here, and use it as overnight lodging spot.

This particular spot is very popular with divers and snorkelers, but we have a secret tip for you so you do not get caught in the masses. If you’re a decent swimmer, head to the opposite side of where everyone else is going…

You see, most folks stick around the “head” of the Amerindian as you can usually find a large concentration of fish beneath the waves there.

Just behind the rocks at the “feet,” though, the coral is in better shape… The fish aren’t as plentiful as at the “Head”, but you will be able to see a fair amount of Blue Tang, Sergeant Majors, and lots of Blue Striped Grunts.

Diving at Creole Rock

Make sure you’re a good strong swimmer if you take on the feet though, as the current here is considerably stronger than at the head.

Join our Eco Tour to Creole Rock in St. Marteen for some great snorkeling.

Creole Rock is definitely a must do for the snorkelers, the beginning divers and the advanced divers. There’s something to do and see for everyone!


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